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I’ve been working with Jill for years. And I can tell you, without doubt, I not only wouldn’t be married today but my relationship with Lee would never be this loving, this easy, this peaceful were it not for Jill’s work.

Twice Jill literally walked me off the ledge. Several years ago, I was helping Lee pack up to move in with me.  However, he wasn’t progressing on my time frame.  I got so angry.  I packed up my car, told him I was leaving, that we were over. Thankfully, I called Jill. I’ll never forget what she told me: his job isn’t to make me happy…his job is to love me. Period. That session was so powerful, Jill’s wisdom turned my whole way of being in relationship on its side.

The next time she walked me off the ledge was the morning of my wedding. The whole week prior, I started finding all these things wrong with Lee. I woke up Saturday morning and told him I’d go through with the ceremony but I wasn’t going to sign the papers. I didn’t want to be married. My kids insisted I call my coach. 15 minutes with Jill is all it took. I came to my senses!

Now, two years later, I’m even more in love with my husband. And I know, when things start to get out of whack, the first thing I do is make an appt. with Jill. And if I don’t, Lee gently reminds me to do it!

Thank you Jill for your brilliance, your love, and your remarkable wisdom.

Barbara StannyLeading Authority on Women & Money | Best Selling Author | Washington

A couple years ago, I took a workshop with Jill Rogers called the Seven Sacred Steps. Jill started the workshop with a ritual in which she looked deep into each of our eyes and said, “You are whole, complete, and lacking in nothing.Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt the truth of this statement from both a soul perspective and as a deep sadness because I still hadn’t found the love (spelled MAN) I was looking for in my life.

Fast-forward a couple years. I now feel “whole, complete, and lacking in nothing.” And guess what? This is NOT because Prince Charming finally rode up to my doorstep. Nope. It is because I have internalized some key things about independence and true love.  In order to feel whole and complete, I first had to know the truth: I AM love. I don’t have to go looking for it. In fact, looking for love outside of myself (such as waiting for “THE” relationship to show up), is, quite possibly, the most agonizing dis-ease I’ve ever experienced. I’ve witnessed this in countless others as well.

Dr. Christiane Northrup Dr. Christiane Northrup Women's Health Expert | New York Times Best-Selling Author | Voted ‘100 Most Trusted People in America’ 2013 by Reader’s Digest | Maine

Check it out – Jill Rogers has a brand new series on how to flipping LOVE your life. Jill could teach how to order takeout food and it would be the best thing ever.

Barbara Wayman| Blue Tree Media LLC | Ohio

A friend gifted me a coaching session with Jill Rogers today. Mind blowing to say the least!

Suzy Carroll | Transform Your Health, Transform Your Life | Washington

I wanted to let you know what an amazing impact I experienced attending your workshop on “Love and Boundaries.’… Knowledge about a topic is wonderful but when that knowledge is delivered to an audience in such a way that the knowledge can be translated into a skill – then precious learning has taken place… You presented with absolute authenticity, warmth, humor, and audience involvement- you made it about us. You are such a PRO! Thank you so very much for the gifts you bring!!

Carol Burnett | Business Consultant | Arizona

I just wanted you to know how powerful your coaching session was for me. I felt my heart chakra opening to a new level of acceptance of who I AM at this point in my life. YOU are awesome!!!! Thank you from the bottom, top, and all aspects of my heart!

Mary Deveneau | Spiritual Guide | California

I am so grateful to you and your heart’s brilliance! Saturday’s class was just amazing! I haven’t been listening to myself in so long, and I didn’t even know it!

Saidah Arrika Ekulona | Actress | California

Jill Rogers is an extraordinary woman. One of the few teachers I have found to be life altering and one of the few who lives everything she teaches. Love and gratitude to you Jill! xo S

Sharon Friedland | Attorney | New York

I took at awesome class today with Jill Rogers. Really feeling into the power of being an extraordinary woman and living our fully alive selves. Great stuff!!

Therese Skelly | Happy in Business Marketing and Mindset Coach | Arizona

Jilly…has helped countless people. One of the single coolest women I have ever met in my lifetime. If you have the time to listen in to any of her web classes…. Do! She is powerful!

Catherine Ann Mossman | Inspirational Speaker | Maine

Since coaching with Jill, my heart is more open, and more importantly, I know how to open my heart when it closes. Jill loves me right where I am and that allows me to be open and talk about my deepest truths. I have benefited from coaching with Jill more than I could ever express in words. She’s amazing!

Mindy Goldstein | Senior Vice President | New York

Great class on Saturday! And you are amazing.. You were a demonstration of what you were teaching, very impressive… thank you for being your joyous, powerful self and bringing this work to our living room. You rock!

Lorian Roethlein | Managing Partner, ICS Partners, LLC | Arizona

Jill Rogers is one of my heroes!

Lauren Harkness | Hand Made Luxury – Jewelry Design | Oregon

Your Extraordinary Life class is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. You are such an amazing teacher, so full of real life and joy. I love learning from you. I love that I could see how to upgrade my appreciations, especially with my family.

Suzi Banks Baum | Author | Massachusetts

I like how loving Jill is. When we’re coaching, she’s easy to talk to and you can say anything to her without worrying what she might think. She reminded me of things I used to do when I was happier. It was a great reminder… Things like smile, make eye-contact, stand up straight, listen with my heart, gratitude lists. We also talked about opening my heart and she gave me a visualization that’s easy to use throughout the day.

This is the first holiday season since my mom died that I don’t dread it and am actually feeling some holiday spirit. I received three invitations for Thanksgiving. I accepted the first one, but would have accepted the other two as well, if they had asked me first. I also have an invitation for Christmas. I usually spend the holidays alone because being with other people’s families made me feel more alone than just staying home, but I don’t feel that way this year.

RoxAnne Reineke | Arizona

Jill, I thank you so much for the work you do for others like myself. You help us to become our best selves and it feels amazing. I hope you feel the love we all send you, you extraordinary woman you!!

Brooke Porter | Arizona

Who wants an ordinary life? Not me!!! Jill Rogers is an invaluable coach in my life and I highly recommend her.

(b) I have so much love and appreciation for how you helped me. It’s profound! I came to you with a problem and you helped me shift a life long mindset. WOWZA!!

How fortunate I feel that I get to “be near” you in life. Your spiritual guidance, love of life, ability to love, and joy are unique! Thank you for letting them shine, for they guide us all who get to “be near” YOU!

Cyndy Cecil-Bragg | Whoopiequeen.com | Maryland

Really loved this – Love the practical applications….lively, informative, relaxed, SAFE atmosphere.. Looking forward to learning more, getting closer to more extraordinary women. See you next month!

Maggy Michaels | Arizona

In our coaching session, I like how we stayed on track, I like that you stopped between each topic to feel into what we just processed (slowing down). I loved when I had feelings come up your heart was wide open and stayed with me right there. I like that we celebrated me.

I am using the tools we discussed every day. I feel so much better after. You know how to empower and love! Thank you Jill! Our session was sooo helpful!

Cheri Sadler | Arizona

Every time I attend a class with Jill, I walk away wiser, more peaceful & connected with my inner peace & purpose. Jill, you empower me to be myself & work through challenges by knowing, connecting with & expressing my truth.

Kimberly Devault | Enterprise Agile Coach | Arizona

I learned a New Paradigm for setting boundaries in my world.

Shelley Nash | Chiropractor | Arizona

I had no hesitations about coaching with Jill. I have taken 3 classes with her and know how amazing she is! After coaching, I am sleeping more soundly and waking up with a more positive attitude in the morning. Relaxing and doing more self care than I believed I was capable of prior to our session. Smiling more each day and taking time to laugh. Peace from my past has become possible through this process.

Jill is a strong and delightful guide in getting to a place where soul level love and wellness are reachable for everyone who seeks it.

Tiffany Kell | Arizona

Jill has great energy! Very positive. She is a strong woman in love!

Irene Lang | Arizona

Absolutely wonderful! Very insightful and very heartfelt! I can’t wait to go out into my life and practice what I have learned! FANTASTIC!! Thank you Jill

Melissa Scott | Bookkeeper | Arizona

Thanks Jill! This class was extremely helpful in reminding me I am in charge of my emotional health and to keep my heart open! I have become so much more of an advocate for my joy, my pleasure, and myself. Thank you for taking a stand for women! :-)

Cheri Sadler| The Extraordinary Life Class | Arizona

Truly a remarkable class by an extraordinary woman… I have learned so much and feel so validated through these classes… Thank you…

Eve Alton | Hospice RN | Arizona

Jill for sure helps and makes a person feel heard!

Mary ONeil | Arizona

Jill is so happy, compassionate and real. You feel so comfortable with her.

Etta Morganson | Arizona

The class was amazing because I gained a new perspective about opening myself and heart.

Renee | The Extraordinary Life Class | Arizona

Jill’s classes give you the tools to be your true self… and teach you how to connect with your mind, heart and soul.

Jill Anderson | Arizona

I appreciate Jill’s authenticity. She is passionate and sincere in her message.

Deb Cheshire | Arizona

I love that I can learn a lot about a “bite-sized” concept in a deep, loving, fun way. Great truth in a manageable time.

Sue Witter| Executive Sun Health | Arizona

Jill helps me realize I am a powerful woman

Kathy Hanger | Arizona

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