The Seven Sacred Steps 4-Day Weekend
May 2015 | Save The Date

How To Turn Your Relationships Into Soul-Satisfying Success Stories

Are you afraid you may never get to feel loved the way you want to? Or experience the deep, soul-satisfying relationship you know you’re meant to have?

Do you enjoy an intimate workshop setting, with time to ask Q’s, a safe place to challenge your assumptions, and a mentor who has the wisdom and insight to move you forward in your relationships?

Are you tired of feeling like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle on love?

Then, I want you to get out your calendar, mark off May 1 – 4, 2014 and meet me in Scottsdale, Arizona for my 4-Day Course on The Seven Sacred Steps.

My genius is in helping women like you, be successful in your relationships by giving you the education, vision, practice and power to live satisfied, purposeful, heart centered relationships.

I want to personally invite you to spend 4 game-changing days with me, and a small group of extraordinary women all committed to taking your relationships to the next level.

I used to feel anything but successful…

Love was confusing and relationship was not all it was cracked up to be.

I was young. We were in love, yet we were ill equipped to handle the many obstacles life threw at us. Family challenges, jobs, education, betrayal, finances, and differences in our ideas of the future.

Like you, I had the dream of a great marriage, love that would last forever, someone to make me happy, a life to live out together, and a peacefulness that would permeate our days.

The reality was far from the dream. We were inexperienced, he was dealing with addiction and I was committed to making it working at all costs. I wanted happily ever after, and we were headed for collision.

Today my life is radically different… I am living my happily ever after.

I have an outrageously successful relationship with a great man.

I feel 100% confident to maintain my happiness in day-to-day life.

I have a deeper, healthier understanding of love and relationship.

I now recognize the abundance of love that is available to me and no longer fear the scarcity of love that used to keep me immobilized.

I have the skills and the mindset to make healthy choices in relationship that leave me feeling happy, connected, living from my heart and soul satisfied.

Most importantly, I’m thrilled to have a lifestyle and a business that gives me the privilege to support hundreds of women in finding their success in love.

What I didn’t realize…the mistake that I’d been making and that you may be making as well, was…

Looking for love outside of me & expecting “HIM” to make me happy!

The reason I share this is not just to tell you my story, but to let you know…

  • I get OUR story as women & the “happily ever after” we’ve been taught to dream of.
  • I can show you exactly how to get that love, happiness & satisfaction in ALL of your relationships. And your guy, will be icing on the cake!

The good news is I live it. I’ve helped others live it and I know if you are WILLING to say yes to greater love, you can live it too!

What Does This Weekend Include?

Before I give you the details. Let me share a very brief history on how this course came to be.

250 women at an event in New York City, demanded that I teach them how to love the way I love.

So In 2008, I wrote The Seven Sacred Steps, a guide to extraordinary love and relationships. By invitation from Regena Thomashauer, I returned to New York City to share them with a new class of 250 women, at her Mastery program. They were a SMASH!

The women wanted more. I began teaching workshops, tele-classes, and this four-day weekend on The Steps to hundreds of women all over the country and the world.

Consider this…
It’s not about getting you in the “right relationship” so you can experience greater love. It’s about getting you in the “right relationship to love” so you can experience greater relationships.

The Seven Sacred Steps 4-Day Weekend is a small private group of women in a workshop setting focused solely on Love and Relationships.

  1. We will redefine Love & Relationships
  2. You will learn how to take Dominion & Mastery over yourself in any relationship. Anytime. Anywhere.
  3. You will learn how to open your heart, forgive, set boundaries, & love bigger than you ever thought you could
  4. You will learn The Seven Sacred Steps and the practices to make you outrageously successful in all of your relationships

This Course is Purposeful, Powerful and 100% Confidential

This is a 100% confidential, unconditionally supportive environment designed to reframe, redirect and call you on your old game while building up your new understanding.

It’s a safe place for you to let down, be inspired, try new practices, tell your truth, break through and move forward. No judging, No blaming, No shaming, only love.

From your bedroom to your boardroom, for today and the future. I will give you the skills and the mindset to make healthy choices in YOUR relationships that leave you feeling happy, connected, living from your heart and soul satisfied.

My role is to educate you, support you, love you, challenge you, model for you, and coach you, to get the most out of YOU and your relationships.

What Results Can I Expect from The Seven Sacred Steps Weekend?

  • NEW clarity on love and your relationships.
  • Confidence to open your heart, get the intimacy you crave, & be purposeful in love.
  • Stand for yourself and trust in your presence in any relationship.
  • Techniques to listen, accept, appreciate, see, and believe in your self and others.
  • Assurance of what it means to love & be loved and how to experience more of it!
  • Freedom to let go of old pain, broken dreams, hurt feelings, & limiting beliefs.
  • Profound experience of unconditional love & how to replicate that consistently.
  • A network of women committed to loving bigger & a safe place when you need it.

This Is For You if…

  • You want to live from your heart, engage your spirit and love bigger!
  • You are ready to feel a deep sense of self-love & self worth.
  • You want to be confident in your ability to love and be loved in any relationship.
  • You are willing to look at love and relationship from a New Paradigm.
  • You enjoy your personal development and like to apply new principles and practices today and into the future.
  • You choose to play full out and are willing to take action to make a change.
  • You are open to redirection, reframing, and being called on your own game.
  • You enjoy receiving enthusiasm, praise and appreciation for who you are.
  • You are intrigued by the idea of being completely heard, seen and believed in.
  • You step toward the chance to experience a greater quality of life.

This Is NOT For You If…

  • You are not open or ready yet for change.
  • You are looking specifically for assistance to get you into a relationship.
  • You are not curious about the impact your inner personal development will have on your outer life experience.
  • You want me to work harder than you are willing to work.
  • You love drama, judgment, or are unwilling to help create a safe loving environment for others.
  • You are unwilling to sign a legal NDA. (Non-disclosure form)

Let’s Talk Logistics:

The Seven Sacred Steps 4-Day Weekend is May 1-4, 2014 in Scottsdale, AZ

We have a beautiful hotel in Scottsdale, with a special group rate if you’re joining us from out of town, or if you want the all-in experience.

We begin Thursday, May 1st at 1:00pm PT & complete Sunday May 4th at 1:00pm PT.
(Hotel information and a complete schedule will be provided upon registration)

Note: This is a deep dive for 4 days so be rested and ready to go. ☺

Now, Let’s Talk Bonuses

When you register for the 4-Day Weekend you will also receive additional bonuses that will ensure your enjoyment of the program and success when you get back home.

  • Two additional follow-up group coaching calls with me to help you stay loved up, open hearted, confident and clear about how to move forward in relationship.
  • One month of follow-up, small group check-ins with other women from the course to give you priceless support, love and encouragement.
  • A private Champaign toast with me and your extraordinary classmates to continue to make those fun, supportive, valuable connections.

The Investment for the Course:

Secure your spot in The Seven Sacred Steps 4-Day Weekend for one payment of $1,200, or two equal payments of $600.

You are responsible for your airfare, meals and hotel accommodations.

All payments must be complete by April 23, 2014.

Space is limited click below to reserve your seat.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

I want you to be completely without risk. No excuses. Today is the day. YOU get to experience greater love! So here’s my guarantee:

I have put myself, and the principles I have created, to the test. They work. And after sharing this information with 100s of women like you, and seeing the results that are possible, I am so confident in this program that I want to make it completely risk free for you.

Register for the program, participate in all 4 days, engage in and complete the exercises, ask questions during the program, and if you do not believe that The Seven Sacred Steps 4-Day Weekend has changed your ability to love and move you forward in your relationships, I will gladly refund your entire tuition.

To be clear: Invest in yourself and register for the program. Participate fully in all 4 days, learn and use the practices on how to love bigger and if you do not believe that your capacity to love has changed for the better, I’ll process a full refund.

100% Risk Free! Try it. I am that committed to you getting the love you want!

Sign Me Up, Risk FREE

Once You Register Here’s What’s Going To Happen:

  • You will immediately receive a confirmation email of your registration guaranteeing your seat in the course.
  • Within 24hours of registering you will get a “Details” email in your inbox. This will give you hotel information, a complete schedule, & other fun info.
  • Finally, we will send you The Seven Sacred Steps handout, the guide to extraordinary love and relationships.
    • Please take time to read through The Steps prior to the weekend.
    • Notice, which Steps inspire you, which ones challenge you, and which ones leave you with more questions than answers.
    • This will allow you to begin the experience before you even walk through the doors. Enjoy!

One More Thing…

The truth is life is short! The quantity of time we get to live and love is not guaranteed, but the quality of how well we live this life is 100% up to us.

I experienced this early. So, I figure, if life is short, we may as well enjoy the ride!

You deserve to feel confident and successful in your relationships. It’s not worth one day of your life to feel miserable, inadequate, un-lovable, overwhelmed, or like your missing a piece of the puzzle.

Don’t Wait! Not one more minute! Register right now.

This is your life! This is your day! Don’t Wait! You decide how successful you get to be in love! I will show you how. Repeat after me, “I Decide!”



How many women will be in the course?
The Maximum will be 25.

If I haven’t taken any other courses with Jill, can I still participate in this one?
Absolutely, as long as you are committed to loving bigger, willing to go deep, and open to making some changes in your life and in your relationships.

Do you have another weekend scheduled? This isn’t the best time for me.
No. I appreciate busy schedules and busy lives and this I have learned: Life is short; Relationships are delicate and they require immediate attention. You and the people you love deserve the best you have within you NOW.

Consider this a great time!

What if I don’t have anyone in my life (partner) right now?
I’m here to make YOU successful in your relationships, whether it’s with you, your significant other, friends, co-workers or your family.

Being successful and confident in your ability to love and be loved gets you results in ALL of your relationships and in your life.

I’ve already taken other courses on love & relationships, will this be any different?
Survey says…Yes! The most common phrases spoken at The Seven Sacred Steps Weekends are:

“This content in brilliant.” “I’ve been to lots of courses on love and NO ONE is teaching love like this.” “You model this so well, I actually feel like I can do it now too,” I’ve never had a vision of how a relationship could really be until now.”

Will I Get Time To Interact With Jill?
You will absolutely have my focus on you from the moment you walk in the room.
I will also guide you in your exercises, small groups, Q&A time, I will help you land your Stand, as well as time with me for our Champaign toast.

Plus you can work with me directly in our two follow-up coaching calls. BONUS TIME!

Who Else Is Coming?
I’ve had women join me from all over the globe. As close as the city I’m hosting it in, to as far away as the middle east. These are women who want greater love.

Women who enjoy making new connections, who are committed to their own personal growth, who are willing to get called on their stuff and who are open to a deeper understanding and greater possibility for their love and their future.

Can I Bring My Guy?
Sorry Fellas, Ladies only! You can inquire about our Great Couple’s Retreat (invitation only).

Another Q?
Contact us at Christine@jillrogers.com

Thanks for your time. I can’t wait to work with you!


Cancellation Policy:

We appreciate your business and want to make sure that you get the best for your investment in yourself. Although it is rare for a cancellation for this weekend, we do know that the unexpected can happen. It is our pleasure to let you know that we’ve got you covered in the unforeseen event that you should need to cancel.

If you need to cancel your reservation for ANY reason, you will immediately be given a Full Credit for attending The NEXT Seven Sacred Steps 4-DayWeekend. This is to be used within 2 years of the date of your cancellation.

Again, Thank You for your incredible investment in yourself and your decision to love bigger in your life. I am thrilled to be working with you!