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Welcome! Thanks for clicking! I’m Jill Rogers.

I’m here to make you successful in your relationships!

Deep soul-satisfying relationships…you know, the really yummy kind.

Whether it’s your significant other, friends, co-workers or your family, being successful and confident in your ability to love and be loved gets you results in all of your relationships and in your life.

My goal is to provide you with game-changing education, love and support that reorganizes your belief systems, opens your heart and engages your spirit. 

Let’s face it.  Life is short. The quantity of time you get is not guaranteed.
The QUALITY of your life is up to you.



I am all about helping you feel outrageously successful, profoundly connected and wildly passionate about YOU and the relationships you are in.


Here’s why.

The day before my 14th birthday, a very important woman in my life, died unexpectedly. It ROCKED my world! She was my grandmother. She was just 61 years old.  She was a bright light, quick to laughter, and inspired countless others.  In her death, she gave me the gift of life. DON’T WAIT! Live full out. Love big. Appreciate the people in your life. NOW! That shaping experience, my own innate love of relationship, combined with over 17 years as a minister, counseling others in their Life Moments, has made me passionate for successful relationships, successful lives, and successful moments.

jill-about I figure if life is short then we may as well enjoy the ride! Our greatest longing is to love and be loved.  It’s within your grasp, and I can help you get there.  To get the quality you’re looking for in your life and relationships, I believe you have to bring you’re whole self; body, mind and spirit. And I show you how. Through my premier coaching, educational programs, and classes I am committed to helping you improve the QUALITY of your relationships & your life. Let’s get started!  Don’t wait to receive tools you can immediately incorporate into your life to improve your relationships TODAY.

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Consider this…

It’s not about getting you in the “right relationship” so you can experience greater love.  It’s about getting you in the “right relationship to love” so you can experience greater relationships.

This Game-Changing idea is why I HAD to create The Seven Sacred Steps. Well that, and the fact that 250 women at an event in New York City, demanded that I teach them how to love the way I love.

So In 2008, I wrote The Seven Sacred Steps, a guide to extraordinary love and relationships.  Then by invitation, I returned to New York City to share them for the first time ever, to a room full of women, at Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts.  They were a SMASH.



The women wanted more.  I began teaching workshops, tele-classes, and a four-day weekend on The Steps to hundreds of women all over the the US and other countries and I am working on my first book.

I have put myself, and the principles I have created, to the test. They work. My guarantee is that I won’t give you anything that I’m not living myself.

  • I am a catalyst. I am known for cultivating permanent results that influence you for your lifetime.
  • I am a compassionate.  Imagine feeling seen, heard, appreciated, and accepted for who you are. Every time. Without judgment.
  • I am a confidant.  From our first conversation through your entire lifetime and beyond. No sharing. No telling, No Posting. No selling. Ever.

I can’t help it!  I was born with compassion, an innate ability to listen, and the talent to hear your soul.  I help you connect the dots to what’s right about you! I help you see your own brilliance and listen for your own deep wisdom.

There is no one more talented, beautiful or capable of living your life and enjoying your relationships than you. I help you remember.

Life is what you’ve been given.  Love is what you make of it.  Let me help you love bigger than you ever thought you could.

Professional Bio

Jill-rogersJill Rogers is a brilliant and inspired Leader in Love and in the field of Relationships.  She is an outstanding facilitator in expanding a woman’s capacity to love. In 2008, Jill created The Seven Sacred Steps, a must have guide to extraordinary loving.

Due to the enormous response from women wanting to learn The Seven Sacred Steps, Jill has dedicated herself full time to teaching tele-classes, workshops, speaking, and writing her first book.

Jill completed her undergraduate work in education at Michigan State University. (Go Spartans) Took two exceptional years to “live life full out” by traveling the country, and then went on to seminary to become an ordained Unity Minister.  As a minister, she has been teaching about love & relationships for over 17 years.

Jill also uses her gift of compassion in her work with the Humane Society. She and her husband, Richard foster sick or injured cats back to wholeness. They are then adopted to their forever homes.  They have saved over 23 lives!

It is her lifelong commitment to learning, to living life full out, to love, and to relationships that sets Jill apart.